TWIR – White Chicken Chili

You can find the original recipe here

The term ‘chili’ is VERY LOOSELY used here.  To me, this was not a chili at all as chili to me has spices like chili powder and cumin in it.  The heat factor in this recipe was cayenne which just leads to a spicy taste rather than a chili flavor.  With that being said, this is an excellent chicken soup recipe.  Perhaps not the best for dinner as we were still hungry after 2 bowls but with a salad on the side, it helped to fill the belly.

I used store bought chicken broth rather than making my own.  While cooking, I also added chili powder and cumin along with some onion and garlic powder.  When the soup was done, a nice sprinkling of salt was needed.  Again, no picture was taken as it was very thin, unlike a chili so a bowl of orange water with a few chunks of sweet potato and chicken shreds is what you can imagine.

Also, instead of buying a rotisserie chicken, I roasted one in my slow cooker!  All that was needed was enough pieces of tin foil scrunched into balls to cover the bottom of your slow cooker, salt, pepper and a whole chicken.  After giving the bird a rinse and a pat down with paper towels, I seasoned the chicken with kosher salt and black pepper and roasted on low for 6 hours the day before I was going to make the chicken.  The next day, I pulled the chicken from the bones and viola!  It’s a little more time consuming but often cheaper than a store bought rotisserie chicken and just as good.


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